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What is TrainingWORKS - School of Ministry?

School of Ministry aims to grow you in your knowledge and application of the Bible for life and ministry.

It is designed for people who want to grow in their personal knowledge of Gods Word. It is an excellent introduction to theology and gets you into the Word of God helpfully and usefully.

Participants complete a short correspondence course in a given subject area which is run over a series of weeks in group settings (with online videos for those who can not make it physically). The subjects will usually fall into one of three disciplines Biblical Theology, Biblical Book or Doctrine/Church History. Most subjects are part of the Preliminary Theology Course from Moore College.

School of Ministry is open to Christians both members of Lower Mountains Anglican Church and beyond. It is not meant to be a replacement in any way for regular Growth Groups (Bible Study Groups).

In 2024 there are three terms (enrol for as many or as few as you would like). Two different subjects are usually on offer in each term.

You can see the current plan for upcoming subjects here (pdf).


Term 2

Term 2: 10 Sundays from 2nd June to 25th August 2024

Note: Seminars avoid School holidays and Father’s Day.

The specific dates are: June 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 29th, July 28th, Aug 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th (with an optional online open-book exam following)

Band 1 Stream: Mark’s Gospel (New Testament 1)

10 Sundays from 2nd June 2024 – 1:00-2:30pm at LMAP Glenbrook (1 Wascoe St)

Mark (New Testament 1) works through Mark’s gospel and aims to answer two central questions: ‘Who is Jesus?’ and ‘What did Jesus come to do?’.

A great course for someone wanting to learn how to understand and explain Jesus to another. Very helpful for anyone wanting to be well equipped to run JesusWORKS.

Band 3 Stream: Paul’s Letters (New Testament 3)

10 Sundays from 2nd June 2024 – 1:00-2:30pm at LMAP Blaxland (16 Taringha Rd)

Paul's Letters (New Testament 3) collects together Paul’s letters (other than Romans, which is covered separately) and introduces students to the distinctive language, theology and style of the Apostle to the Gentiles. It covers the wide range of theological issues found in Paul’s work such as ethical guidance about proper Christian conduct, teaching on church leadership and governance, theological reflections on the nature of Christ and the expositions of the relationship of Law and grace.

A great course for someone wanting to delve into the letters written by the Apostle Paul and gain more confidence in applying them to our lives.

Term 3

Term 3: 10 Sundays from 15th September to 8th December 2024

Note: Seminars avoid public and school holidays.

The specific dates are: Sept 15th, 22nd, 29th, Oct 20th, 27th, Nov 3rd, 10th, 24th, Dec 1st, 8th (with an optional online open-book exam following)

Band 1 Stream: Ephesians

10 Sundays from 15th Sept 2024 – 1:00-2:30pm at LMAP Glenbrook (1 Wascoe St)

Ephesians systematically works through Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, showing that God’s intention is to unify all things in Christ. While we wait for this intention to be completely fulfilled, God has already provided a living demonstration of this unity in the church, in which the fundamental distinction between Jew and Gentile has now been overcome. The unit unpacks the implications of this unity for individuals, the church and the whole creation.

A great course for someone wanting to gain a deeper insight into the New Testament epistle of Ephesians and gain confidence in applying this basic building block of the Christian faith.

Band 3 Stream: The Church (Doctrine 3)

10 Sundays from 15th Sept 2024 – 1:00-2:30pm at LMAP Blaxland (16 Taringha Rd)

The Church (Doctrine 3) focuses on the doctrine of the Church along with some aspects of worship. The overarching theme is the place of the church in the purposes of God. This leads to discussions of both the fundamental nature of the church along with discussions of fellowship in the church and the continuity of the church. The aspects of worship of particular relevance to these discussions are the Lord’s Supper and Baptism.

A great course for someone wanting to gain confidence in what we can know and say about the Church, and how God’s Word ought to shape what we do when we gather.

* The Church (Doctrine 3) is only available as a paper-based unit. It is not yet available online. Exam is by short answer questions based on the PTC notes.


What is required of me?

One of the great things about School of Ministry is that it offers you a fair amount of flexibility.

There are different formats in which the group time can run (e.g. 10 consecutive weeks, different times and days of the week), along with online material and support. Attending the group every session is not a necessary requirement of the course. The sessions are recorded and so it is easy to catch-up.

There is guided reading, no essays and an optional exam. There are no prerequisites, and you can start doing School of Ministry courses with any subject.

It is the sort of course that gives back what you put in – so for example if you give it 3-5 hours a week in addition to the face to face time (which would be at the top end of the time required), you will benefit greatly, yet less time invested will still be useful.

Generally the cost is $50 per subject ($70 for those who want the course book).

The cost includes: course notes, exam, online access and tuition.


Easy; sign up through the form

Pay online and let the office know whether or not you have ordered a hard copy of the book. Feel free to come for the one or two sessions to check it out before committing and paying.

For Long-Term Planning!

It may be helpful to see the plan for what is to come in the LMAP TrainingWORKS - School of Ministry.

The hope is that we will grow to offer three streams of subjects each term, at different times and locations (not only at LMAP locations). This would mean students could pick and choose subjects to work logically through the syllabus.

Planned TrainingWORKS - School of Ministry Subjects


Term 1

(approx. Feb -June)

Term 2

(approx. July - Sept)

Term 3

(approx. Oct- Dec)


Band 1 - Creation to New Creation (Intro to the Bible)1


Band 3 - Latter Prophets

(Old Testament 3) 3


Band 1 – Mark’s Gospel

(New Testament 1) 1



Band 3 - Paul’s Letters

(New Testament 3) 3

Band 1 – Ephesians1




Band 3 - The Church

(Doctrine 3) 3



Band 1 - The Pentateuch (Old Testament 1)1



Band 2/3 - Apostolic Writings

(New Testament 4 – elective 4) 2/3


Band 1 - Promise to Fulfilment  1



Band 3 - Reformation Church History 3

Band 1 - Knowledge of God

(Doctrine 1) 1



Band 2/3 - Wisdom & Exile

(Old Testament 4 – elective 3) 2/3


You can start with any subject, no prerequisites exist. If concerned, Creation to New Creation and Promise to Fulfillment are a good place to start.

1 = PTC Level 1 band (6 subjects: C2NC, P2F, OT1, NT1, Doct 1, Eph earns a Preliminary Theological Certificate – Level 1)

2 = PTC Level 2 band (4 subjects: OT2, NT2, Doct 2, ECH + 2 electives earns a Preliminary Theological Certificate – Level 2)

3 = PTC Level 3 band (4 subjects: OT3, NT3, Doct 3, RCH + 2 electives earns a Preliminary Theological Certificate – Level 3)


Electives include: Romans, The Gospel of John, New Testament 4, Old Testament 4, Apologetics, Ethics, Worship, Prayer Book.

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